Dazz & Brie

Dazz & Brie is a rock ‘n soul woman-fronted duo & band. Affectionately named “The Emotionalz”, the duo and their band combine heavy rock instrumentation with soulful harmonies to create music that transcends all ages. Their sophomore project, Can’t Chase Girls and Your Money Too, combines a blend of acid rock, funk, and country. Named the Arkansas Times’ 2017 Musicians Showcase winners, the 2018 Kit-Kat Jingle winners,  and ML Magazine’s Uprising Idol, the band has performed from Afropunk’s Battle of the Bands in Brooklyn, NY to SXSW, to Los Angeles California.



Upcoming Shows

Dazzmin Murry

“Strength is attractive, but resilience is what gives hope. That’s what people relate to! If someone never had problems then yea they should be happy, but when you see that person you know is going through still smiling and still optimistic – THAT shows you that it’s possible and life is still beautiful in spite of… Someone told me I wasn’t transparent enough – so here you go! I’ve been angry, isolated myself, blamed others, but none of that pulled me out of the darkness. I’ve watched my life completely crumble the last 8 months, but this construction site has been the most beautiful destruction I’ve ever seen! What felt like my world ending was actually a fresh start! A blank canvas and I’m grateful for it!” – Dazz


Kabrelyn Boyce

” We’re all over here being magical, productive, progressive, kind, learning from people who have different perspectives, living life, experiencing God, setting out on new ventures, sharing stories, gaining lessons in humility, loving our neighbor, unlocking truths, finding the good in people, building substantial relationships, creating memories, celebrating one another, being our best selves, and loving on ourselves.” – Brie



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